Bitumen market anaylsis on: 31.05.2021

In recent weeks, the supply of base oil and bitumen penetration grades in all regions, including the Middle East, has faced many challenges. As a matter of fact progress of the negotiations between Iran and the US and the progress of vaccination in India is slow . Another major problem in India is the recent deadly disease “black fungus”. India is a major market participant & had an impact on the demand for base oils, lubricants and bitumen grades. Indian buyers and importers have distracted trade attention and their demand has decreased accordingly .other factor affect on market its 13th Iran presidental elction on 28.06.2021 in less than a month ,although the price of the Iranian Rial against U.S.Doller rose to around 3%,In addition, Iran’s bitumen prices are rising, but neither producers nor exporters want to risk. Iranian exporters are reluctant to conduct large transactions due to currency fluctuations.specially , in the next 10 days, due to the current stabilization of oil prices also.


Bitumen market anaylsis on: 31.05.2021

World Bitumen Market Outlook

The relaxation of coronavirus restrictions & increased transportation cause increase demand for fuel  ,it encourage manufacturers to increase production & increasing rates,in African countries also the continent’s bitumen imports are likely to increase. Meanwhile, fluctuations in the prices of oil,metals, minerals, agricultural products, and even inflation will affect the volume of imports and government revenues. African countries have comprehensive plans to improve their infrastructure &construction of roads.The final point monsoon season is approaching and the closure period will end in a few days. Therefore, it is expected that the market will be fragile in the next two weeks. Respectively, buyers and sellers on both sides would rather not act recklessly.


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